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Poppy’s Cottage access statement


Sleeps 6 + Cots

· The nearest bus stop is in Portesham village, approx 1 mile away – the main road from the bus stop to Elworth lane has no pavement and is considered to be dangerous to walk along.
· The main train station is 15 minutes away by car.
· The local taxi service is 15 minutes away – we can make a booking for you if required.
· Portesham village is approx 1 mile away, Abbotsbury village is approx 2 miles away. The county town of Dorchester is 9 miles away, Weymouth town is 7 miles away.
· Brochures can be provided in large print by prior arrangement
· A shopping order can be delivered on the day of arrival by prior arrangement
· We have a basic website www.elworth-farmhouse.co.uk
· You can contact us via phone +(44) 01305 871693 or email elworthfarmhouse@aol.com

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities
· There is no street lighting in the hamlet.
· On arrival please call at the main farmhouse to collect your keys and be shown around. Guests will be welcomed by the owner or her representative on arrival and given a comprehensive tour of the garden and cottage. There will always be someone at the main farmhouse to greet you on arrival and to answer any questions you may have.
· Poppy’s cottage has a double width entrance gate for car access to the driveway and also a pedestrian access gate. There are three steps up through the pedestrian access 20cm high and 130cm wide. The gates are not locked but must be kept closed at all times except for entering/departing from the property.
· The path gravel driveway is on a steep gradient and is 14 mtrs long and 3 mtrs wide. There is also a car parking area outside of the cottage 5 mtrs long and 6mtrs wide. There is sufficient space for up to three vehicles to park.
· The parking surface is path gravel and on the flat.
· The driveway is lit after dark by security lighting.
· Guests are responsible for carrying their own luggage into the cottage.
· The owner lives on site at the main farmhouse and can be contacted 24hrs a day.

Main entrance
· Poppy’s cottage has two ‘front’ doors and also ‘French’ doors to the patio area.
· The front door to the ‘utility’ room has a 20cm high step 82cm wide. This door is 82cms wide.
· The front door to the entrance passage/lounge has a doorsill 5cms high. This door is 82cms wide. There is clear access in front of the door 90cm wide.
· Both front doors have yale locks and also key locks. Both have security locks on the inside of the doors. Guests are given their own keys to all doors. The owner reserves the right to enter the cottage at any time if a problem is suspected. All external doors must be kept locked at all times when guests leave the property.
· On entry into the cottage via the front door to the ‘utility’ room there is a ceramic tile floor.
· On entry into the cottage via the front door to the entrance passage/lounge there is a flagstone floor. The entrance passage is 95cm wide and 250cm long.

Utility Room
· The utility room has a ceramic floor which may become slippery if wet – non-slip mats are provided.
· The utility room has standard kitchen units, boiler and washing machine along the north wall. The narrowest part of this room is 110cm opposite to the washing machine and cupboard.
· The utility room has a outward opening door to the downstairs wet room 79cm wide with a 1cm lip and an outward opening door to the kitchen 74cm wide.

Downstairs Wet Room
· This room has special non-slip wet room flooring.
· This room has a standard size wash hand basin and toilet. Basin in is rounded at the front and is 105cm x 110cm and 83cm high.
· Toilet is 44cm high.
· There is a grab handle by the toilet.
· There is a 1cm lip around the shower area.
· The wet room has a clear floor space 180cm x 160cm

· Door opening inwards into the kitchen is 74cm wide. Standard height and width kitchen units on north and east wall of kitchen.
· The flooring in the kitchen is ceramic tiles which can be slippery if wet. There is a non-slip rug in front of the sink area and another non-slip rug in front of the kitchen units on the north side.
· The table is in the centre of the kitchen – there is at least 100cm clear all around the table. The table height is 75cm, under-space 60cm. Chairs are without arms.
· There is one chair with arms and high back in the kitchen.
· All other furnishings are kept to the side of the room. There is a clear floor area 170cm x 410cm.
· There is an inward opening door 70cm wide to lounge.

· Access from kitchen, door 70cm wide.
· Stairs to first floor on right hand side as you enter the lounge.
· The flooring is short-pile carpet with a short-pile rug in front of the fireplace
· Furnishings; two sofas, two coffee tables, one arm chair kept to sides of room.
· Clear floor space 2.20mtrs x 3.00mtrs
· Glazed French doors 108cm wide with 2cm step to outside patio area.
· There is an inglenook fireplace with hearth & woodburning stove.

Stairs & Landing
· There are 13 stairs to a landing.
· The stairs are 18cm high, 14cm deep and 80cm wide.
· The landing is clear of obstacles and is 100cm wide.
· There are four doors opening outwards from the landing to bedrooms & bathroom. All doors are 72cm wide.

· There are three bedrooms, a ‘family’ room, a twin bedded room and a double room with ensuite shower.
· Bedrooms have inward opening doors 72cm wide.

Family bedroom
· There is at least a 90cm route within the bedroom e.g. to side of beds between beds and dressing table.
· Double bed is 50cm high.
· Child’s bed is 35cm high.
· Cot to top of rail is 90cm or 75cm lowered. Base is 35cm or 45cm.
· An armchair is provided in the room
· The wardrobe door is 68cm wide. The wardrobe floor space is 100cm deep and 70cm wide.
· Flooring is short-pile carpet.

Twin-bedded room
· This room has twin beds. Beds are 48cm high.
· The clear area inside the door is 165cm x 145cm
· There is 50cm between the beds and 165 cm at end of each bed.
· Wardrobe door is 68cm wide. Wardrobe floor space is 100cm deep and 70cm wide.
· There is 165cm clear floor space at each end of bed.
· There is one armchair.
· Flooring is short-pile carpet.

Ensuite double bedroom
· This room has a double bed 48cm high in the centre of the room.
· There is 100cm to the left of the bed, 80cm to the right of the bed and 60cm access at the end of the bed.
· Flooring is short-pile carpet.
· There is a 72cm wide door opening outwards to ensuite shower room
· Flooring in ensuite shower room is cushion flooring which may become slippery if wet – non-slip matting is provided.
· Basin in ensuite is rounded at the front and is 105cm x 110cm and 83cm high (standard size).
· Toilet is 44cm high.
· Shower cubicle edge/step is 11cm high. Cubicle door is 70cm wide opening inwards.

Upstairs bathroom
· Access from the landing. Door width is 65 cm opening inwards.
· There is a clear floor space 205cm x 95cm
· Flooring is non-slip stone tiles. A non slip bath mat is also provided.
· Access into bath is 53cm with a grab rail to the right
· Toilet is 43cm high with grab rail to the right
· Basin is 83cm high. Basin in is rounded at the front and is 105cm x 110cm and 83cm high.
· Toilet is 44cm high.

Garden and Patio
· There is a flower bed at the edge of the parking area that does not impact on any pedestrian access.
· The garden is mainly laid to lawn, steeply sided with a flat area on top.
· There are 3 steps to the patio area 20cm high and 44cm deep.
· Patio is 5mtrs x 3mtrs with table, chairs and BBQ
· There is a minimum distance of 80cm around the table.
· There are 6 chairs, two with arms.
· There is a clear space in front of the BBQ 100cm x 150cm.
· There are pot plants on the patio placed in such a way as to ensure guests do not ‘step off’ the patio and fall over the edge. There is not fencing on the external north edge of the patio.
· There is an external light (switched on from the inside of the cottage just inside the French doors).

Additional information
· Address: Elworth Farmhouse, West Elworth, Abbotsbury, Dorset DT3 4HF
· Telephone +(44) 01305 871693
· Email elworthfarmhouse@aol.com
· Open: All year
· Telephone answered – 24hrs
· Care has been taken to ensure safety of children with stair-gates, bed-guard rails etc provided. Please note there is no guard-rail available to place around the hearth area/wood-burning stove, the outside surface of which can be hot if in use – there is a fire-guard to place on the front of the stove. Guests are requested that children be attended at all times in both the cottage and the outside grounds.
· For all local information please ask and this will be provided on request to suit requirements. Local information such as emergency numbers, Drs etc are available within the cottage and also by request.
· Comprehensive tourist information, maps etc are available in the cottage.
· Pets are prohibited – this includes assistance dogs.